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I'm married to Claire and together, with our son Lewis, we live in Seasalter - just outside Whitstable, Kent, in the south east of England.

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Dying Groyne Field

A shortish walk from where I live - on the coastal path from Seasalter to Faversham in north Kent, southern England.  The sea wall that runs from left to right is a really heavy duty piece of engineering, and a curious feature in a place that is otherwise pretty much abandoned to the elements. The only sound here comes courtesy of whichever birds happen to be around (at the time I made this sketch there were Turnstones and Canada Geese as well as the ubiquitous Gulls), whilst decaying groynes protrude from the shingle and silt like blackened stumps of teeth. The place feels haunted. Beyond the wall is marshland - no buildings, no roads - and it is a sign of how much priorities have changed that the government is now content that this area should be given up to the sea in the medium term, despite the presence of this great structure. Meanwhile, those of us living just down the road who would like our homes to be protected are told that it simply can't be done.

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