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I'm married to Claire and together, with our son Lewis, we live in Seasalter - just outside Whitstable, Kent, in the south east of England.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013


Photos of storm damage to Faversham Road beach, Seasalter, over the last couple of days. As you can see, gates and fences are starting to go, and the walls at the feet of people's gardens are now being undermined. This isn't new - I told the Environment Agency that there was a problem two years ago, which was confirmed by a monitoring report compiled by Canterbury City Council. The Agency agreed that something must be done, and made a commitment to remedying the situation. Then they changed their minds, and did nothing. How long will it be before people start losing their homes, and what will it take to get the Agency to act? People - elderly people, generally - live here. I find the logic that informs officials' decisions that it is right to do nothing in such situations to be as disturbing as it is baffling. How did we become so indifferent to the vulnerability of others?

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